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Ensuring that we support worthy local causes is important to us. By working together, we’re able to give back to our community and can continue to place an emphasis on being socially responsible.

In December 2020, Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions along with Worldwide…more than just print, Morgan Shaw Advisory and Yalagan Group Australia, proudly presented Dy Blane from Richmond Wellbeing Recovery House with a donation of $20,000 that would go towards supporting their mission of providing support and coaching to people on the journey to mental wellbeing.

Recovery House

Our Super guarantee

The Covid-19 pandemic negatively affected many Australian businesses and families, bringing many to a crisis point. Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions (CPS) navigated its way through a difficult year, resulting in some lean months between April and September 2020.

The Australian Government’s JobKeeper funds allowed CPS to keep most staff members employed through this extremely difficult period. The CPS sales returned to pre Covid-19 levels by November 2020. However, earlier in the year, this outcome seemed unlikely and it led some staff to apply for early release of their superannuation funds. This short-term solution will ultimately have a negative impact on the retirement savings of our staff and others.

Like many Australian companies that received Job Keeper funds, CPS then found itself in better financial shape than the company had believed was possible. In December 2020, the directors of CPS decided as a show of support for the federal government’s assistance and the loyalty and hard work of our employees, that we would return the JobKeeper funds to our employees by way of an increase in the Super Guarantee (SG) to 15% by January 2028.

It is estimated that CPS will have repaid the funds received via JobKeeper within eight years and the increased SG contributions will greatly benefit our employees when they reach their hard-earned retirement.              

DateSG Contributions
1 Jan 202110.5%
1 Jan 202211.5%
1 Jan 202412.5%
1 Jan 202513.5%
1 Jan 202614.0%
1 Jan 202714.5%
1 Jan 202815.0%

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