The time to negotiate sustainability is over

We have chosen sustainable business operations as the norm, not the exception and are striving for net zero-emissions. Our time to negotiate how sustainable we’ll be in business is over, it’s simply something we must do.

We believe businesses need to lead by example, taking real and immediate action to support a positive change to our collective future. In fact, Crystal Print took the lead early – proudly – becoming Western Australia’s first carbon neutral printing company in 2012.

What is Net-Zero?
Simply, net-zero or carbon neutrality is achieved when the amount of carbon dioxide generated or put out into the environment is offset by its removal or cutting of emissions. The United Nations (UN) is driving us all to collectively aim for “net-zero emissions by 2050 to help limit global temperature rise and in turn limit the impact of global warming.”

The trend towards sustainability
Being printers at a time when sustainability and a growing eco conscious is driving consumer choices isn’t without challenge. However, given our primary medium – paper – is biodegradable, renewable and (with commitment) sustainable, we don’t see the power of print diminishing any time soon.

“You create fewer carbon emissions when reading a book than scrolling through social media”

In fact, the very medium we work with gives us one of the greatest opportunities to embrace the sustainability trend. Growing and harvesting trees specifically for printing purposes means other vital forests are not logged recklessly. In addition, local communities are given greater employment opportunities while purpose-grown forest plantations provide clean air, water, wildlife habitats and carbon storage.

It’s what needs to be done
The need to take responsibility for our contribution to emissions has been our commitment behind the scenes. We offset all our carbon emissions and invest in ways to improve our production capabilities and processes, ensuring our impact on the environment is minimised.

How are we doing?
Crystal Printing Solutions has offset 40,275.69 metric tonnes of carbon emissions. This is equivalent to:

And we’re only one company. Imagine the outcome when we all make a collective effort?

Going the extra mile
For us, there’s always more we can do to enhance and improve our offset projects. Our solar power system is one of the largest solar power systems in metropolitan Perth and one of the top 100 in Australia.

We can all play a part
We all have a role to play in working towards net-zero and fighting for a future that is brighter than recent climate crisis reports. While we can’t stop all emissions, we can educate our teams, our customers and all play a role in making choices every day that support sustainability.

How can your business play a part?

If your business is ready to be a part of the solution and contribute towards global goals of net-zero and want your printing supplier to be doing the same, get in touch with us today.