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3 Steps to Choosing the Right Service for Your Business Printing Needs

Selecting a business printing service isn’t as simple as Googling local providers and going for the first one on the list. Nor is it necessarily the right call to stick with someone you’ve always used, just for the sake of convenience.


Whether you’re a single person start up, SME or global concern, choosing the right printing and design service should be approached with careful consideration. 

The 1, 2, 3 of Selecting a Printing Service

The quality of your printing service reflects all the other aspects of your business. Design is a key component, but there are other aspects that the informed customer should take into consideration when choosing a professional printing service.

1: What capabilities are on offer and what services do they provide?

Your printing needs today probably won’t match those of the future. This makes it vital to partner with a provider that can service your increasing requirements as your business grows.

This might include:

  • Business printing: such as annual reports, letterheads, comp slips, calendars, business cards etc.
  • Brochure printing: From flyers to full-on colour glossies, these showcase the best your business has to offer.
  • Marketing printing: Catalogues, notepads, packaging, wrapping paper, fridge magnets, greetings cards… The list is endless. Quality combined with value for money is very important.
  • Digital printing: This offers vibrant, accurate results for printing runs of all sizes.
  • Offset printing: Ideal for large runs of high quality, such as magazines, stationery and business cards.

2: What design services and accreditations are on offer?

Unless you’re a talented graphic designer, then you’re going to need the services of a pro. Rather than using a separate service, you’ll find that using a printing service that also offers a talented design service is likely to be far more cost-effective. Ask to see previous print run examples and discuss expertise with your potential print partner before deciding if they’re the right one for you.

Of course, they should be accredited to the highest of industry standards. Examples include the internationally recognised ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification and the colour guarantees provided by ISO 12467-2:2013 certification.

Choosing a provider that has a great track record in top-quality design, combined with industry certifications provides a good baseline from which you can fine-tune your printing partnership requirements.

3: Does the company follow sustainable practices and social responsibility?

Sustainability in an industry that’s historically been one of waste is essential. Look for a service that’s been paying attention to its environmental responsibilities and continues to make further progress. This might be through offsetting practices, recycling, and project investments, as well as the materials used.

Using a printing service that takes sustainability into account not only helps your business meet its legal and moral responsibilities, but also provides a wonderfully positive message to your current and future customers.

At Crystal Printing, this is hugely important to us. We’ve been on point for over a decade and are proud that our carbon footprint is net-zero. When you combine this with our accreditations, design expertise and full range of printing services, it’s no wonder we’re the go-to printer for many businesses in Perth and the surrounding areas.

Visit our web page or easily request a quote to discover how Crystal Print can address all your printing, signage and packaging needs.