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5 Tips to Improve Your Business Signage

What makes a good sign? Apart from optimal placement, many other elements can dramatically increase customer engagement. From curated design to utilising the right material, the following discusses what upscales business signage from something that simply provides information into a critical tool that enhances everything from brand awareness to increased ROI.

1: Select the right signage for your needs

What is the purpose of your signs? Do they provide direction, information or both? What about advertising? Where will they be displayed? Outdoor signs should be made from weather-resistant materials – whereas indoor signs probably won’t need to be fully waterproof.

Determining the right size of sign is also crucial – this may also be influenced by your budget. However, the scale of a sign won’t necessarily mean the cost is prohibitive. Speak to your print provider to understand how the right choice of material and printing method might affect cost.

Different types of signs include:

And many more…

2: Craft your message

The message (along with the design – more about that in a moment) is one of the most vital elements of a sign. One of the overriding aspects of a good sign is that less is more. Whether you decide to communicate with words, graphics, images or a combination of them, a crafted message that’s to the point and uncrowded will always be more effective than trying to cram in too much information.

3: Know your market

What hits the spot for your target demographic? Signage that provides directions in an emergency is very different from a sign that advertises vegan dishes, for instance. What age group are you speaking to? Are you trying to sell them something, create brand awareness or simply raise a smile? Perhaps it’s a combination of some or all of these?

What about the location? A sign that’ll attract the attention of passing traffic will differ dramatically from a floor-level graphic in the checkout queue, for example.

4: Curated design

Getting the design right is crucial. If you’re not an expert in the art of engagement, then letting an experienced graphic designer guide the way isn’t just a sensible move – it’s almost mandatory.

Many aspects need to be addressed to make a sign work as hard as it can. These include:

  • Readability: From font type and size to the layout, it must be instantly obvious what the sign is saying to the viewer.
  • Colour: Colour psychology is very real and massively impacts the effectiveness of a sign. Choosing the right combination strongly influences how a sign is viewed. Choosing the wrong colour scheme can dramatically reduce the message you want it to impart.
  • Images: Whether or not to include images will depend on the type of sign. But the old saying of ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ often holds true. Innovative use of images can be a smart way to use available space and perhaps impart a longer message without being overly wordy.

5: Be consistent

Whether you have a couple of signs or a whole suite, using consistency across the board is vital. Brand awareness comes from ongoing and repeated viewer impact. Reproducing a similar pattern, colour scheme, wording, brand image etc will instil recognition over time – it’s a valuable way to increase company reach and shouldn’t be underestimated.

The final element of great business signage is to partner with the best producer. The talented Crystal Printing team has honed the art of business signage over many years. Whether you require display signage, office signage, retail signage or any other type of sign, we have an intimate knowledge of the science behind great signage.

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