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Colour Management for the Perfect Match – Every Single Time

When it comes to printed colours for packaging and paper goods, it’s essential to colour match for continuity. This is a strategic element of colour management that should extend throughout the complete brand range of a company’s printed matter.

When selecting a provider for printed matter, it’s important to understand how the company will guarantee the colour certification that eliminates any risk of a mismatch between batches.

The Background of Colour Certification

Color Harmony Certified

While it might sound simple to ensure that colours don’t differ between products and batch runs, it’s important to understand that this is a skill that takes time and training to achieve. The introduction of digital tech has brought a multitude of advantages to the print industry, but with this has come the requirement to learn how to best utilise the technology.

Colour matches are defined at the proofing stage. It’s here that a colour management certified professional will define colours, balance, tone, depth, greyscale and more. Even the smallest margin of error at this stage will result in a failure to reproduce a tone true to requirements. Quality print standards don’t come about by accident – they happen through careful calibration and confirmation of ISO standards, formulas and industry regulations that are recognised at both a local and global scale.

The skill of a colour certification professional brings a wide range of advantages:

  • True definition of colour standards
  • Colour management, process calibration, press optimisation and proofing
  • Accurate ink pre-setting that results in less wastage and resulting in better value for money
  • Shortens production times
  • Delivering true colour samples right from proofing
  • Improves the reliability for repeat production – again, equalling value for money

The best providers offer colour consultancy and management services. Together, these not only ensure the continuity of colour and shade throughout your complete printed inventory but shortens lead times and reduces outlay.

Why is Continuity so Important?

While it might not, at first, seem to be a massive issue if one batch of a company’s printed matter differs slightly from another, consider the following:

  • The visual effect on a shop display shelf when one batch clashes with another.
  • The aesthetic appearance when a customer purchases two items from your product range. A failure to colour match the packaging sends a direct message that perhaps your company doesn’t pay attention to other quality control details as well.
  • If your printed matter provider fails to offer an exact colour matching service, can they be relied upon to give the best service in other areas?
  • Even if you currently market a single product, it’s likely that you aspire to expand. As this happens, colour continuity is essential to nurture your burgeoning professional image.

These are just a selection of reasons why it pays to select the best print supplier who offers highly trained technicians who can meet or exceed your expectations.

At Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions our passion for colour certification matches our dedication to customer service. From the drawing board to delivery, customers benefit from our perfectionist attitude – and, of course, this translates into our expertise in guaranteed colour certification.

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