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Consider Packaging a Branding Priority

You’ve spent countless hours honing your product – creating, tweaking, listening to consumer feedback. The list is endless. You’ve probably devoted significant time considering the brand message, a logo and an in-depth study (not to mention money) of your target market and customer demographics.

So now it’s time to think about the packaging. Right?

Actually, wrong. Well, let’s clarify… Rather than being an afterthought, it should be considered as important as the product itself. Presentation is what sells your goods and must be considered a vital element of your brand identity.

Why is Packaging so Important?

Because, quite simply, humans are fickle beings. We’re drawn to objects that catch our attention. In other words, we like things that look good. It’s the reason we buy fashionable clothes, spend money on beautiful cars, spend countless hard-earned dollars on products to make us look good and undergo treatments that profess to hold back the years.

It’s this penchant for the aesthetically pleasing that makes it crucial to pay strategic attention to your packaging at the earliest opportunity.

OK, so there are other, more practical, reasons as well, including a design that’s fit for purpose, is affordable and eco-friendly. If you’ve yet to consider the latter, and you want to sell to millennials and Gen Z, then you need to address sustainability – and fast.

How to Begin the Packaging Design Journey

Unless you’re fortunate enough to have an in-house design team, then it’s time to spend some of your hard-won marketing dollars on a professional service. When it comes to packaging, a team that works with you from the drawing board to package production is the easiest and most cost-effective option.

Packaging design is something of an art form. Successful creation involves many aspects: functionality, shape, materials used, how it looks and, of course, the most basic of its needs – its suitability to present the product it contains.

The Importance of Authenticity and Simplicity

A huge amount of research money has been spent understanding the science of packaging design. The key message is that simplicity sells. Clear labelling and easy to access information will win over hyperbole and flashiness every time.

Just as important is authenticity. Customers need to be able to trust that what they see on the packaging mirrors the product it holds. Logos and colour scheme is also vital. Consumers want to be able to instantly recognise the brand they’re looking for, making it a crucial element of packaging design. 

Branding and Packaging are Inextricably Linked

While they are, essentially, two separate aspects, the link between them is so close that one shouldn’t be considered without the other. Developing a brand begins with determining your target market and company ethos. From there, a strategy can be determined that speaks to your consumers. The packaging isn’t just an extension of this, it’s an integral part.

Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions is Perth’s leading provider of folding carton, cardboard and custom printed packaging. Their highly talented team are experts in the science of packaging design, working with you to understand your company, products and customers.

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