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Custom Holiday Packaging

Get Ready for Christmas with Custom Holiday Packaging

The holidays are fast approaching, and every business should be embracing this annual marketing opportunity. This is easily done through the use of bespoke Christmas or seasonal packaging. The current landscape has brought unique challenges and we’re all feeling our way forward in a post-pandemic world. For retailers, injecting some cheer into everyday life with holiday packaging is more crucial than ever.

The following are five key reasons why bespoke festive packaging enhances the customer experience.

#1: Ride the holiday vibe: Season-specific packaging isn’t only about celebrating the time of year; it’s also about creating a much-needed buzz. In 2019 it was forecast that Australians would spend over $52.7 billion across retail stores during the Christmas trading period. This year, with many people concerned about visiting crowded stores due to COVID, online Christmas sales are predicted to be even more important . Adding a festive theme to your packaging – whether it’s bought at a physical location or online – is a wonderful way to get customers, both current and potential, into the Christmas purchasing spirit.

#2: Present your product as if it’s a gift: Let’s face it, we all love opening presents. Consider using holiday packaging that provides your customers with the luxury of unwrapping a gift. We’re hard-wired to enjoy the anticipation of such an act, meaning an enjoyable experience is likely to get positive feedback from consumers and recommendations to friends.

#3: The Insta advantage: It’s not only influencers who love social media – it’s something millions of people engage with every day. Christmas (or holiday) packaging is far more likely to be shared on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, especially if you combine it with a bespoke social media hashtag campaign to ensure the widest exposure.

#4: Create an annual reminder: Beautiful packaging is far less likely to end up in the rubbish than boring, generic boxes and cartons. Many people reuse such items, perhaps to store decorations or keepsakes for the following year. What this means for your company is a front-facing annual reminder that your business exists every time they unpack the holiday paraphernalia. In short, this is long-term, free advertising each year when it’s brought out of storage.

#5: It’s not only Christmas: Don’t forget that not all your customers celebrate Christmas. Depending on the customer demographic, you might want to consider a more generic packaging that still encompasses the joy of the season, yet is inclusive to all. Another consideration is not to include dates, meaning that unused packaging could be recycled for the following year.

Use An Experienced Package Producer to Design Your Holiday Packaging

Getting holiday packaging right for a company’s needs requires strategic planning. No-one is better equipped to create your bespoke festive solution than Perth-based Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions – the regional leaders in custom-printed folding cardboard packaging.

Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions provides a service that exceeds expectations, working to understand not only your packaging needs but a design that speaks to the very heart of your target market. With a creative team that understands the potency of holiday packaging, your company can both embrace the spirit of the season and gain the many sales advantages that come with it.

Contact us to book a no-obligation consultation today.

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