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Packaging Design for Holiday Gifts: A valuable marketing tool

Everyone loves a celebration, and there’s no better excuse than a much-looked-forward-to holiday, such as Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah, New Year and the like. As a retailer, forward planning for such events is crucial – and one that should be planned months before the date itself.

Branded packaging that targets these holidays is a valuable asset that has the power to grab attention, increase sales and boost brand awareness.

The Power of Holiday Packaging

No company is too big or too small to take advantage of seasonal packaging.  For most SMEs, anything between 20%-40% of revenue tends to be made in the final two months of the year. Customers are primed and ready to purchase products that epitomise celebrations at this time, and some companies fail to recognise this at their peril.

The following are a few of the major benefits when it comes to designing packaging for this time of year:

  • Holiday packaging sends a message to consumers: Customers browsing either in store or online are primed to notice seasonally packaged goods. Such items speak to the subconscious, meaning the likelihood of choosing an item encased in festive packaging is massively increased. In other words, holiday packaging creates customer appeal.
  • Holiday packaging adds to the unboxing appeal and is convenient for purchasers: Who doesn’t love unboxing a beautifully packaged item? Gift items in beautiful boxes or cartons might not even require wrapping – a huge bonus when shopping for many people. After all, shopping for gifts is something many of us enjoy. But wrapping multiple items – a truly lengthy activity – is a chore that not so many of us enjoy.
  • Boost brand awareness: Today’s savvy consumer isn’t just interested in the product. They want to know the story behind the brand, their considerations to ethical sourcing and environmental responsibilities. In other words, they build a relationship with a brand they like and, hopefully, remain loyal to that company. Seasonal packaging design can play a massive role in this. Not only does it embrace the holiday, but it’s also your opportunity to showcase the key branding elements of your company.

Go Big on Green

Seasonal packaging has historically generated huge amounts of extra waste as much of it isn’t recyclable. Paying attention to sustainable packaging is a key element of any strategic seasonal packaging line. Use renewable and/or compostable materials (think cardboard or carton packaging) and, very importantly, a producer that offers carbon-free printing.

Climate change responsibility is an enormous driver for customers at any time of year. Take full advantage of communicating your commitment to sustainability during the holidays and you increase the chances of customers returning to your brand throughout the year. Don’t forget to promote this on social media, perhaps creating a campaign and seasonal hashtag to help viral growth.

Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions is a leading WA company that offers every aspect of custom-created folding carton packaging – from the drawing board stage right through to production of the finished article. Add in the advantage of carbon-free printing and recyclable or compostable materials and it becomes easy to see why so many Australian companies have embraced their 21st century expertise and design.

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