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Bring your packaging design to life with 3D modelling

We understand that your product’s packaging is a big commitment to your brand. It’s the first physical perception your customer will have of your product. We’re committed to taking the time with you to get it right from the beginning. 

When you partner with us at Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions, you can be confident that what’s on the screen will match what gets printed. We offer a 3D modelling service to breathe life into your design and help you visualise your packaging before we print and manufacture.

2D can seem a little lifeless

It can be overwhelming to look at a 2-dimensional technical design layout and, by extension, a struggle to visualise the end package. Fold lines, die lines, upside down text can throw off the bigger picture. We get it, 2D designs fall flat. Our 3D modelling software will allow you to: 

  • Picture the final manufactured package in 3D
  • Visualise the flow of wording and images in-situ (as opposed to upside down or at angles on a flat packaging design)
  • Spot errors or issues prior to print
  • Show how your packaging will look and behave, down to the shading and texture
  • See your packaging side-by-side with your product

Breathe life into your design with 3D modelling

To make you feel more comfortable about approving your packaging design before we manufacture, take advantage of our inhouse 3D modelling service. You will have greater confidence in your design decisions in being able to better-visualise your end package.

  • Our 3D modelling service will enable you to: 

    • Have confidence in the packaging design you see on the screen and allow you to spot any changes necessary prior to print
    • Feel at ease knowing the high-quality render you are seeing in the 3D model is how it will be manufactured
    • Reduce the time between design and production by not needing to create multiple hard copy mock-ups 
    • Visualise your product in-situ on a shelf, in a pantry, by the bathroom sink, you name it

    Visualise your packaging design with Crystal Printing

    Our team of graphic designers and manufacturing experts will ensure you are 100% happy with your design before any printing, cutting or folding commences.

    Contact us today to find out how we can help you to create a high-quality packaging design that stands out on screen, but more importantly, in the flesh.