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Product Packaging Companies: A Necessary Expense or a Valued Marketing Partner?

No matter what you sell, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll need some kind of product packaging that’ll need to be factored into your marketing strategy. But before you dismiss this as a purely necessary expense, have you considered how this can be utilised as a powerful marketing tool?

Many people fail to realise just how influential packaging can be. Continue reading to find out how a product packing company can help with your brand identity and design, as well as streamline operations to save you time and money.

The Right Product Packaging Company is Way More Than a Box or Carton Manufacturer

Folding cardboard packaging has undergone a number of dramatic changes in recent years. This has been driven by various aspects, with the rise in online sales being one of the most significant, along with the need to remain competitive within a crowded market.

The right packaging company can do so much more than simply creating custom packaging to suit your needs. They play a key role in successful client engagement and satisfaction, product display, warehouse management and shipping.

  1. Product packaging companies provide custom-made solutions: Your goods are unique to your company, meaning no other supplier will have the exact same packaging needs as you… not even your closest competitors! This is where an experienced packaging company can create a bespoke solution for your goods, including the ability to adapt packaging as and when necessary for short-run items or when you extend a range.
  2. They play a vital role in brand identity: Packaging should be considered the showcase of your products. It’s the first thing potential customers see, making it the initial element of brand identification and familiarity. A product packaging company’s design team will help incorporate this into the characteristics of your goods. Whether this means creating a packaging design from scratch or working with tried and trusted motifs, this is where great presentation can make your products stand out from the crowd. If you’re considering a rebrand, a quality design team will work with you to reinvent and invigorate the direction you wish to take your company and products.
  3. They can provide warehouse, logistics and shipping infrastructure: Product range and sales getting too large for your existing premises but not big enough to justify moving to your own warehouse? A packaging company that offers storage for multiple clients could be the answer to your prayers. Some companies even offer shipping options, therefore freeing you up to carry out vital business elements, such as marketing campaigns and sales strategies.
  • In short, a product packaging company can do it all from design, storage, logistics and shipping. This is possible thanks to years of experience and extensive business networks, including couriers and manufacturers. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), such a service provides multiple advantages, most notably the availability of high-end business models at an affordable price.

    Using a third-party product packaging company for some or all elements of your business will save you money!

    Of course, partnering with such a supplier doesn’t mean that you have to utilise all that’s on offer. You may want to start with the design aspect of your packaging. This is very common for businesses that are still able to handle the other aspects themselves.

    As sales grow, so too do logistical needs. This means that taking advantage of other areas of expertise on offer from your product packaging company can be just what’s necessary to give you the edge over the competition. Add in the customer service that will be on hand, if (or when) you have to tackle any manufacturing challenges, and SMEs really do stay a step ahead of the game.

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