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QR Codes on Packaging: the smart way forward

QR codes are everywhere. From scanning into venues to gathering information about a product, this smart technology is being embraced by every industry. And let’s not forget that the highly beneficial use of QR codes extends to those on product packaging.

The following discusses the many ways that QR tech can be used on packaging to enhance the customer experience and, ultimately, increase sales.

  1. QR codes to provide information: Let’s face it, every word fights for its position on printed packaging. But that’s certainly not the case with a QR code, where you can cram in as much (or as little) info as you like. Perhaps you want to highlight your company’s responsible sourcing? How about the lifecycle of your organic produce? Whatever it is, your QR footprint has none of the constraints of the printed word, meaning you can go large when it comes to customer benefit and information.
  2. A (moving) picture speaks a thousand words: QR codes can link to a video that explains whatever you require. Instruction manuals, footage of the product in use, video reviews… The world’s your oyster when it comes to video-created customer engagement.
  3. Nothing incentivises like a freebie: Want to gift your customers some value-adding extras? Discount codes, music, movies etc are simple ways to take advantage of QR code technology on packaging.
  4. Track consumer and supplier engagement: Trackable QR codes allow you to understand who’s interested in your product and which retailers are selling the most.
The best thing about using QR codes on packaging is that it’s completely free. There certainly aren’t many advertising mediums that can claim that – if any – making it an almost obligatory addition to any packaging medium.

5 Tricks to Make QR Codes on Packaging as Successful as Possible

Sure, you can just insert a regular QR code anywhere on your packaging for a minimal cost. However, as you undoubtedly know, successfully creating consumer engagement is an ever evolving and complex subject.

The following are top tips to help ensure people actively connect with your QR code incentives.

  1. Location, location, location: A QR code on packaging should be one of the first things your customer notices, making its placement something that warrants serious consideration. You should also ensure that it’s in a crumple-free zone, as any damage to the integrity of the code will make it impossible to scan.
  2. Colour is key: Black and white QR codes certainly have their place. However, some designs call for splashes of colour to draw the eye and attract people to pull out their phone and scan the code to see what excitement awaits.
  3. Add a call to action: Every QR code should feature a CTA. Are you offering a free gift? Perhaps you want them to rate your product. Whatever it is, a short, punchy CTA is a must.
  4. Big – but not too big: A QR should be immediately visible without taking over. Too small and it risks going unnoticed. As a rule of thumb, 2cm x 2cm would be the minimum size for it to be effective.
  5. Steer clear of reflective packaging materials: Reflectivity will reduce the ability of a phone to scan a QR code. For most people, if a code fails to scan the first time, then they’ll lose interest. So, pick your packaging finish with care.

As WA’s leading supplier of folding cardboard packaging, Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions’ design team offer the ultimate service in graphic design, including QR code placement, and use. We’re highly experienced in the use of QR capability, offering the best advice in how to take full advantage of this excellent piece of smart technology.

Consideration of the QR code is virtually a given in today’s tech-savvy society. Millennials and Gen Z, in particular, rely on their phones to get as much info as possible about their purchases. So, if this is your target market, adding a QR code to your product packaging is an essential element of a marketing plan.

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