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Recyclable vs. Compostable Folding Carton Packaging

Recyclable vs. Compostable

Today’s consumers are more aware than ever before of how their purchasing choices impact our planet. This has a bearing on the type of folding carton packaging a manufacturer might choose for their products and critically, how this influences buyer behaviour.

But what’s the difference between compostable packaging and recyclable packaging? It’s vital to understand the distinction between the two to ensure that you make the right purchasing choice that aligns with your target market and the health of the planet.

The following looks at the five key benefits that sustainable folding carton packaging brings.

Compostable packaging on the other hand, can be broken down and used on the soil. To be labelled as commercially compostable, packaging must break down within a strict 90 day timescale by placing it on a compost pile. After this time, it will be suitable for use in soil to generate the growth of plants.

Compostable packaging is considered the gold standard because it completes a full lifecycle and is ready to regenerate, with absolutely nothing left behind but lovely rich compost.

The 5 Key Benefits of Compostable Packaging

There are many benefits to compostable packaging, with these 5 being the most crucial:

  1. Breaks down to entirely natural products – No chemicals, no unwanted toxins and no nasty substances are left.
  2. Appeals to a wide demographic – Buyers are aware of their purchases, with more actively seeking out the most sustainable option to purchase.
  3. Helps companies meet their environmental responsibilities – While it’s not yet compulsory to package goods in an environmentally sustainable manner, companies have a duty to ensure that their actions aren’t determinantal to the planet.
  4. Compostable packaging is a positive sales pitch: When choosing key points to attract customers, commitment to the environment is one of the best ways to promote your business.
  5. Environmental issues go hand-in-hand with other consumer satisfaction – A company that’s committed to the environment is highly likely to extend this to the rest of their brand model. If a company directly addresses the sustainability element with compostable packaging then this suggests that the rest of their practices are also as environmentally friendly.

The Crystal Print & Packaging Difference

At Crystal Print & Packaging, we’ve championed truly sustainable packaging from well before it became a ‘thing’. Our commitment to the environment doesn’t only mean that all our folding carton packaging is entirely compostable, but we’re also proud to be the only zero-carbon printing service in Western Australia.The advantages of this go beyond customer satisfaction – it allows us to be satisfied that we provide the ultimate in custom packaging boxes with logos for our customers, but that we also do so while impacting the environment as little as possible.Get in touch to discover more.