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Revive Your Packaging Design

Revive Your Packaging Design To Increase Product Sales

How a product is packaged has a direct influence on consumer purchasing decisions. The presentation provides a unique opportunity to speak to your customers, and this communication occurs every time someone pauses to take a look at one of your products.

The key element is creating a connection that makes the customer take notice. Once this is established, other factors come into play. These include the brand message and additional marketing features.

Does Your Packaging Consider Sales and Marketing as well as Functionality?

The biggest mistake of many packaging designs is that they only encompass the latter. Of course, it needs to be of the right size, shape and form to best protect what’s held within, but equally important is the sales and marketing aspect. In a crowded marketplace, the design of the packaging is what makes a potential customer remove it from a shelf for further inspection or to click to read more when shopping online.

Interestingly, it appears that the COVID pandemic has made this even more relevant. In a 2020 survey carried out into food packaging and consumer behaviours, 47% of shoppers stated that in the last three months they’d purchased brands they were unfamiliar with, simply because of the packaging. 88% of these said they intended to make further purchases of the same brand in the future. While this research was in response to food packaging, the ethos remains the same, whatever it is you sell.

When Did you Last Review your Product Packaging?

Packaging speaks to your target market. However, it’s important to remember that this demographic is ever-evolving. Millennials are now likely to have families of their own, Gen Z is coming of age and increasingly making their own purchasing choices. At the other end of the scale, the Baby Boomers and Generation X will be tempted by different products than they were previously, as they enter middle or later age.

When reviewing or creating packaging design, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Adequate protection: An essential element, but you might want to think a little outside the box. Sustainability is an increasingly important factor for purchasers. While certain products have to be packaged according to industry standards, there’s nothing to stop you from being creative and adding a USP that makes the consumer confident that you’re considering the planet with packaging choices.
  • Speak to your audience: In-depth research will help you understand what motivates your target market to buy. Brand messages, colour selection, font and the unpacking experience are all important factors. Remember that, in a tech-savvy world, many people post images of beautifully packaged products online – every time this happens it’s a direct marketing boost. Does your packaging need to be discarded after use? Examples of innovative dual-usage include cereal boxes with cut-out figures for kids to play with or folding cardboard packaging that can be turned into a clothes hanger.
  • Build brand personality: Packaging must mirror your brand. A luxury product would require more extravagance than one that’s all about value. Tech gear needs a different presentation to that aimed at kids and busy mums, for example. No matter how many different products you sell, ensuring that your brand message and image is duplicated across the range will help with easy identification of your products. It also helps build subliminal recognition, a crucial aspect of any marketing campaign.
  • Your budget: This will, of course, influence any brand restyle. Working with an experienced packaging design company is usually the most cost-effective way to do this. A professional service will handle every aspect, from design and function through to delivering the finished article. You’ll also benefit from their experience and suggestions to best turn your ideas into reality.

No cardboard and folding carton package design service manage this better than Perth-based Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions. Not only do their in-house team have intimate industry knowledge, but they’re also committed to sustainability and the delivery of impeccable customer service.

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