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Skincare Packaging 101: Bespoke design for ultimate customer appeal

Skincare products compete in a crowded marketplace. After word of mouth recommendation, visual appeal is your greatest weapon to stand out from competitors. The following guide discusses crucial aspects of packaging to consider when it comes to branding and customer draw.

1. Understand your competition

Unless you’re a multi-million dollar business, you’re unlikely to be able to compete with the marketing budgets of the best-known brands. However, you don’t need a bottomless bank account to create skincare packaging that speaks volumes to your target audience.

Define your closest competitors. For example, are you promoting a budget brand, ethical and sustainable products, hitting the youth brigade or perhaps the silver surfers? Research these brands and their product presentation. Understanding this means you can create a brand and skincare packaging portfolio to make your items stand out from the crowd. 

Get this right and you’ve achieved one of the most important ways to get a potential customer to reach out and take your product off the shelf for a closer look. See some examples of our boxes and tubes.

2. K.I.S.S.

An acronym for ‘keep it simple, stupid’, this alludes to the power of simplicity. Human recall is powered by colour in the first instance, followed by shape. Third in the list comes the recognition of a symbol and the humble wording comes in a poor fourth. So be sure not to ignore the colour and shape of your packaging or worry that you’ve got the wording right.

Simple packaging with artistic, eye-catching use of colour for a minimalistic style can create some of the most memorable packaging designs.

3. Make unboxing an event

Today’s consumer adores the anticipation of removing a product from its packaging. Something as simple as the tactile experience of unwrapping tissue paper promotes a simple product purchase to an event to be savoured. In today’s world of influencers and social media, every share you can get of a person unboxing your skincare item endorses your product and promotes it to a wider audience.

4. Use artwork to build personality

Your brand didn’t just happen. It’s the culmination of your vision, hard work and careful cultivation. The use of artwork on packaging that tells that story, whatever this may be, can be a powerful method of speaking to both current and potential customers.

5. Appeal to multiple senses

Visual stimulation is, of course, the foremost consideration. However, stopping there means you miss out on many other means of attracting positive customer behaviour. Packaging that is tactile or even scented can have a huge impact. Consider coating, embossing, laminating or foil stamping to add an extra dimension.

6. Heed your environmental responsibilities

Sustainable packaging is a huge drawcard – in fact, failing to pay attention to environmental efforts is likely to have a detrimental effect on sales. Minimising waste, packaging that can be recycled, re-used, re-purposed or composted are examples of pro-active ways to show customers that your brand is committed to the well-being of the planet.

7. Go for the ‘wow’ factor

Ultra-premium brands should ensure that their packaging choices ooze luxury. Bespoke, high-end boxes and presentation conveys a vital message for those who’re paying top dollar for the ultimate products.

No matter what area of the market your skincare products are targeting, a uniform theme throughout the brand allows consumers to easily identify a product and those that are designed to be used in tandem.

Folding cardboard packaging experts, Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions, work swith SMEs to design packaging that presents the image and brand message that best suits your products. Don’t leave your packaging choices to chance – partner with a design company that’s as committed to the creation of the ultimate packaging for your skincare products as you are.

Contact us to begin your bespoke packaging journey.

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