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Stand Out from the Crowd: 5 Ways Custom Packaging Can Increase Sales

No matter the niche, online sales are skyrocketing. While the ease and convenience of click-and-buy has been a major driver, the pandemic has also played a pivotal role in further influencing customer behaviour. This outcome of this means that packaging now plays a complex role – it needs to be eye-catching in-store, stand out online and very importantly, be sturdy enough to withstand being sent to a customer by courier or mail.And that, as you might agree is pretty tough to achieve.So when it comes to packaging, how do retailers ensure they keep the edge over their competitors? More importantly, how can this be done in a unique manner that isn’t being used by everyone else? One answer is custom packaging. This personalised method of protection and presentation of your goods can have a dramatic affect on customer engagement.There are five ways custom packaging can directly impact your sales.

1: It’s All About Design

Whether selling in-store or online, the design of product packaging plays a crucial role in brand recognition. This applies to both customers who are familiar with your brand and those yet to discover how great you are.

Cost will usually dictate the need for the same packaging to be used for both store and online sales. This means that some ingenious design ideas are essential to grab attention and make potential customers investigate further. Partnering with a design expert who’ll work with you to understand and define your brand and unique selling proposition (USP) is the best way to do this.

2: Incorporate a Promotional Message or Gift

Everyone loves to feel cared about, so adding something personal to a package is a great way to achieve customer satisfaction. Custom packaging could include the addition of a small gift or message, or perhaps a short run of seasonal greetings (think Valentine’s, Easter, summer holidays, etc) on the exterior. This is a simple yet effective method of connecting with customers so that they not only feel valued, but also create a vital memory that customers are likely to recall when planning a similar purchase.

3: Create an Element of Urgency

Custom packaging is a great way to tempt customers to buy right now, rather than waiting to see if something better comes along. Discounts, sales, seasonal offers and other reasons to purchase can easily be printed onto packaging, such as flash sales or short-term price reduction deals.

4: Don’t Forget Promotional Material Inside the Packaging

It’s startling how many retailers simply ship goods to customers without anything else within the package. This is your one and only virtually guaranteed time of customer engagement, meaning a failure to take full advantage is a truly missed opportunity.

This can be as simple as a thank you note or more aggressive marketing, such as a 15% discount off their next order or the chance to sign up to a loyalty club.

5: Ensure the Correct Sizing, Weight & Protection

No matter where you sell goods, it’s likely that they’ll have to undergo shipping at some point. This means that custom packaging needs to be sturdy enough for the job, but not so heavy as to add unnecessary transit costs.

Ensuring the right size carton that not only beautifully displays your goods but also protect them along the way is something best to be discussed with a professional design team.

The best custom packaging providers offer a personalised design service. Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions is a leading Australian company with a renowned reputation for working with customers creating unique, custom packaging that embodies the brand and plays a vital role in customer engagement.

Interested in finding out more? Contact us for a no-obligation discussion. It might just be the most profitable move you’ve ever made!