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The Benefits of Outsourcing Printing Services

Every business needs the expertise of a great printing service. Think this is an exaggeration? Well, let’s look at why savvy companies ensure that they strike up a good partnership with an external service for either their occasional or regular publication requirements.

1: It saves money

Let’s hit the ground running with a subject that’s at the heart of every company, large and small: reducing overheads…

There are two ways that outsourcing printing brings cost savings – directly and indirectly.

Direct savings are made by:

      • No need for a large initial outlay to buy a printer (or the monthly expense and aggro of hiring one).

      • Removing the need to purchase expensive printing supplies, such as toner, ink, paper, printing equipment etc. You don’t have to tie up valuable company funds in assets that may sit unused for long periods.

      • Wave goodbye to printer maintenance and repair fees. What office hasn’t had that nightmare scenario of the office printer giving up the ghost and waiting (often days) for a repair person to visit?

    The above costs are often hefty, but they fade into insignificance when you look at the indirect savings that outsourcing printing brings.

      • Free up time for you and your employees to do the things that matter, rather than spending their time on printing tasks.
      • Printing, collating, stuffing, sealing, stamping, mailing… These (somewhat tedious) jobs are not what you want talented staff members spending their time on…

    Let’s face it, time is money… Whether your company is a one-man-band or hires hundreds (or thousands) of employees, it’s pretty much a given that their time is far better spent carrying out the skilled tasks that are the backbone of the business.

    2: You get the latest tech

    The printing business is as dependent on technology as every other industry. This means that there’s an ever-evolving roundabout of equipment and processes that both improve quality, streamline tasks and, quite simply, do the job better than their predecessors.

    A high-quality printing service regularly updates its inventory to ensure their customers take full advantage of the latest apparatus. Conversely, a company that purchases its own printer will be stuck with it for many years, therefore not getting the benefits (and savings) that advancing technology brings.

    3: Make better use of space

    Whether you’ve got a small home office or a massive industrial area, printers and the associated paraphernalia takes up space. Outsourcing all your printing needs frees up these valuable areas for other, more cost-efficient, uses.

    4: It’s better for the environment

    Choosing a printing service that utilises green methods can help a company lower its overall carbon footprint. In addition, you’ll need fewer deliveries of printing supplies, thus helping get vans off the road and having less packaging to dispose of.

    5: Increased efficiency and access to printing expertise

    Partnering with a quality printing service means you get all the inside knowledge to improve your printed material. From design advice to which type of ink to use, your service provider will take the guesswork out of the process.

    This leads to a far more efficient process, better products and – that underlying theme of all the above points – will save you money. Even if you don’t have regular printing requirements, having a solid relationship with a high-end printing service means that when you do, all it takes is an email or phone call to jumpstart the process.