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Why Every Retail Brand Needs Great Product Packaging Design

Packaging. It’s probably not the first thing on your mind when you’re developing your sales strategy – but it certainly shouldn’t be your last. Indeed, the way you present your product should hold equal weight to that of the product itself.

Not quite sure if you believe us? The read on, as we lift the lid on the power of the packaging, and the crucial sales advantages that are missed if you fail to give the humble box or packing carton the respect it deserves…

3 Steps to Successful Product Packaging

OK, so let’s get straight to the crux of the matter. Packaging is hot! And we mean really, really hot… 

Consider a famous brand – let’s say Apple. When you purchase any of their products the experience isn’t solely about the item itself. The anticipation that’s achieved, thanks to that instantly recognisable, oh-so-touchable presentation box, is unmistakable. Unboxing a new iPhone or iPad isn’t just to get your hands on the goodies within, it’s part of the whole purchasing experience.

Now, you might not be ready to take on the Jobs and Bezos of this world quite yet, but that doesn’t mean that your merchandise presentation doesn’t need serious consideration.

Consider the following:

  • Your product packaging is a marketing opportunity that every single purchaser engages with.
  • In the social media-frenzied society in which we live, people share everything. Every Insta, Facebook and Pinterest share is yet another marketing prospect.
  • Packaging provides you with a direct contingency to further a brand following. With careful colour, logo and messaging information you can communicate with customers on a conscious and subconscious level – something that adds massive value to your marketing efforts.
  • Your packaging choice also allows you to emphasize a message – be it one of luxury, practicality, eco-aware, budget-friendly or whatever it is that talks directly to your target market.

Once we realise the potential power of great packaging design, it’s time to delve into the nitty-gritty of creating the right bespoke solution.

  • Packing essential #1: Know your brand: Maybe you’ve already developed a brand identity, in which case your logo and colour palette has already been determined. If not, then this element warrants serious deliberation. The last thing you need is to invest a significant proportion of your marketing budget on printed packaging, only to realise a few months down the line that it’s not quite right.
  • Packing essential #2: Know your customer: What does your customer expect? Are they buying into the luxury of your merchandise? Then the packaging should represent this. If you’re touting the sustainability aspect, then it goes without saying that your packaging shouldn’t just be biodegradable, it should hit the upper echelon of planet-friendly and be compostable. 
  • Packing essential #3: The practicalities: Your packaging does, of course, need to be durable. The fragility of your product will determine how sturdy the box, carton or sleeve needs to be. As many sales are now online, shipping costs should be considered. Keeping packaging light ensures these remain as low as possible. And do consider scalability. Including a hand written message or having an element that isn’t automated might be great when you’re selling 20 or 30 products a week. But it pays to think big! What about when the orders reach 100, , 500, 1,000, or tens of thousands per week? It’s essential to consider what will work in the future, as well as today. Follow this link to see some examples of our boxes and tubes.

Partner with a Reliable, Professional and Experienced Provider

It pays to team up with an experienced packaging provider who can work with you to determine the right design and construction of your packaging. Perth-based Crystal Print & Digital Solutions is the strategic partner of choice for those who demand the ultimate in custom-printed folding cardboard packaging.

With years of experience, Crystal Print & Digital Solutions’ motivated, professional, multi-faceted team are with you from the design stage right through production to create the bespoke packaging solution that suits your brand and merchandise.

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