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Why You Should Be Using Compostable Packaging

Compostable… Biodegradable… Recyclable… They’re all forms of sustainable packaging, so why all the fuss about compostable packaging? After all, as long as your company can show that it’s doing the right thing by sustainability, surely which type you use doesn’t really matter?

Well, think again… Because your customers (and, very importantly, your potential customers) are well aware of the difference. And if they’re not, the growing awareness around the impact the different types of sustainable packaging have on our planet means that they soon will be.

That’s why you, as a company, should be looking at future-proofing your sustainable packaging now, and gaining much kudos for your trailblazing efforts in doing so.

Compostable vs Biodegradable vs Recyclable: Deciphering the Sustainability Maze

Let’s get the complicated bit out of the way from the outset. In the most basic terms, and when applied to packaging, the three different terms mean the following:

  • Recyclable: The material can be converted into another form to be used for a different purpose
  • Biodegradable: The material can be decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms. There is no specified timespan in which this needs to happen (usually 180 days or more). It may yield toxins as it does so
  • Compostable: The material is made of organic matter that breaks down to wholly non-toxic elements that can be safely be used as compost. It does this within a specified timespan ((this varies from country to country, but in Australia this is 90 days)


5 Reasons You Should Switch to Compostable Packaging Now

  1. Your company has a social responsibility towards sustainability: Every business needs to ensure it takes strategic steps to reduce the impact it has on the planet. Government regulations aside, switching to compostable packaging is one of the easiest (and cost-effective) ways to make a definitive change to how green your operation is.
  2. Many customers actively seek green packaging: The world is changing and so are your customers. Purchasing choices are often swayed by the simplest of aspects, such as the sustainability of the packaging used.
  3. It’s a great marketing tool: Emblazon your packaging with the eco-friendly message, along with other key USPs to tempt your buyers.
  4. People love waste that doesn’t go to landfill: The ability to toss packaging onto the compost heap, rather than filling up waste bins or recycling bins, is still a novelty – and something that might just be a talking point (AKA increasing the reach of your marketing)
  5. Millennials and, increasingly, Gen Z, are the buyers of now and the future: And these are the guys and gals who are most aware that their buying choices impact the world in which we live. Changing to compostable packaging now (while your competitors are languishing in your wake) is a positive move in the present and adds longevity (and therefore cost savings) to your packaging choices.

Quite simply, compostable is the packaging of the future. And the sooner you embrace the revolution, the better for everyone: for you, your company, your buyers, your kids, and the planet we call home…

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