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Your guide to product packaging design

Here’s what to expect when you partner with us as your local Perth product packaging designer.

Getting to know you, your product, and your customer

When you partner with us at Crystal Pack, you can be assured that we are as passionate about your product’s packaging as you are. We will get to know you and your product to ensure that our packaging design enhances what’s inside. Here’s a glimpse of where we start the process.

  • What is your product?
  • This one’s all about the logistics. What is your product made of? Is it delicate? We’ll help you choose a fit-for-purpose, sturdy, secure packaging solution. Is your product an unusual shape? We know the best fit – we can tailor a custom packaging design solution to your product’s needs. Or choose from our existing, tried-and-tested templated designs.
  • Who is your customer?
  • Does your product appeal to an environmentally savvy audience? We offer compostable packaging. Perhaps your customer is on a budget? Or has a bit more disposable income and is looking for a luxury brand? We can help create the feeling of luxury (or simplicity) in your product’s packaging design. And are we working with children? Or do we need to increase the text size for an older audience? Knowing your customer will help us to understand your product’s design requirements.
  • Where will your customer purchase your product?
  • Packaging design will differ for in-store versus online purchases of your product. Will your product need to hold its own on a supermarket shelf? Or will it be featured in a local boutique? Perhaps you want to surprise and delight your customer with an Instagram-worthy unboxing experience when they receive your product in the post? We’ve got a range of packaging design solutions to cater to in-store and online purchasing environments.

And for the how: creating the ideal sensory experience

Looks are only the beginning when it comes to product packaging design. We’ll create an aesthetically-appealing design to pique your customer’s interest, and leverage the rest of their senses to draw them in. Beyond how it looks, there’s how the packaging feels between their fingers, how it sounds as they’re opening to reveal what’s inside, and maybe even how it smells and/or tastes (depending on your product). As the first interaction with your product, we know that aligning the sensory experience is crucial to your customer gaining the right impression of your product – what it is, how it’s used, and whether to buy.

Completing the product packaging design process

This is the fun part, where we get to mock-up your product’s packaging design in-situ. Our state-of-the-art 3D modelling software will allow you to see how everything will fit into place. Your logo, colours, fonts and copy will all be applied so that you can envisage the end result in virtual form before it goes to print.

Our product is quality, consistent and efficient packaging design in Perth. Packaging your product is our forte. Let’s talk about your product’s packaging design needs, contact us today.