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Online Product


Online Product Management
puts you in control of your business collateral online.


This system enables you to simplify the way you order and manage print, products and services with our easy to use Online Product Management systems.

The OPM system provides you with the ability to
produce a range of professionally branded, customised print and non-print related items.

From business cards, stationery, training materials and flyers to catalogues, brochures and promotional items, our Online Product Management system is fully equipped to meet your needs.


This system is all about ensuring efficiencies for our customers. It simplifies the order cycle by turning a cumbersome manual process into an exceptionally streamlined web-based solution.

Designed and tested by businesses for businesses, our Online Product Management system ensures that you have complete control of your products while improving productivity and driving efficiencies.

Reduce Costs

Time is money. OPM optimises workflow by accelerating the order submission and delivery processes. Limiting print wastage due to proofing errors.

ease of use

Increase efficiency, improve productivity and reduce turnaround times through our user-friendly, easy to follow and logical interface – it’s just like online shopping!

Brand consistency

Control your brand on a national level with Adobe InDesign integration ensuring your templates are in line with your corporate style guide. This will ensure uniformity throughout your campaigns.


Order anytime, anywhere from any desktop or mobile device from your office, home or on the road.

Instant proofing

OPM allows you to select, edit and proof artwork instantly before ordering. Add your database and view the recipient’s proofs.

Minimal investment

OPM requires no new hardware or software purchases, no special IT requirements and minimal investment. Simply load up your favourite browser on any Internet-enabled device and order.

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