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Skincare packaging demands particular design expertise.

Skincare Packaging

From everyday essentials to luxury products, this niche area requires packaging that conveys a particular brand message that speaks volumes to your target market. Our talented industry professionals work with you to create the unique blueprint that perfectly matches your brand message. Whether you require large scale production or small, luxe-edition specialities, our advanced manufacturing process delivers the ultimate solution for every level of skincare packaging needs.

Skincare packaging represents a particularly niche range of packing components. With over three decades of expertise in the field, our talented in-house design team works to create a solution that speaks volumes to your target market. Whether you need everyday skincare packaging through to gold standard skincare sustainable packaging, Crystal Print & Packaging provides the ultimate in quality control and an advanced manufacturing process that ensures consistency for both small and large volume production.


Custom skincare packaging is tailored to the unique requirements of the business and product range.


Simply put – no. We produce skincare packaging that’s in keeping with your brand requirements and colour palette. Our recommendation is to start with a white, uncoated surface to ensure the best baseline from which the selected shades will be showcased.

No, our speciality is folding cardboard that’s ideal for custom-created skincare packaging.


Corrugated packaging is the type that’s most commonly found on larger sized cardboard boxes. It has a fluted sheet encased in two outer sheets. Folding cardboard utilises single layers of card that provides the ideal basis on which to print promotional material. This makes it ideal for skincare packaging needs.


No, Crystal Printing only specialise in folding carton packaging.


Folding carton packaging is made from single layers of card. Because it’s paper-based, this provides a medium that can be as unique as you choose. From colours to logos to text, folding carton skincare packaging can be matched to your brand and individual products.


Crystal Printing is committed to environmentally responsible production. All our packaging is wholly recyclable and compostable, making it ideal for your sustainable skincare packaging needs.


Our packaging is fully compostable, meaning it will naturally degrade back to its component parts over time. In addition, our entire factory is proud to be carbon-neutral.  This means our yearly carbon emissions are at net-zero. As an environmentally responsible packaging supplier, we consider this an essential element for the provision of sustainable skincare packaging.


Digital printing uses cutting-edge technology to create images and print directly onto a variety of surfaces.


Crystal Printing is wholly Australia-owned and run – yet another way that we reduce our carbon footprint and produce the ultimate in sustainable skincare packaging.


Single-sided printing applies the chosen design to one side of the packaging – usually the outside. Double-sided means colours, logos and text can be produced on both sides – so the interior and exterior of the packaging.