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Calendars and Diaries


Increasing brand awareness and your company message is easily achieved by gifting clients (and potential clients) a diary or calendar. Get the quality and timing right and your business name could be in full view 24/7/365 – a powerful tool for extending your reach.

Customised diary printing, along with business calendars, is a cost-effective marketing strategy – it’s a promotional gift that will actually get used. The right design provides a constant subliminal message that cements your company name in the mind – a key marketing element that every organisation needs.

Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions is your perfect partner for business calendar printing in Perth, the wider WA region and across Australia. The options are endless and certainly aren’t restricted to a flip calendar or custom diary printing. Get creative and elevate your marketing efforts with:

The Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions design team will work with you to create any type of calendar or custom diary printing. Whether your business is just starting or you’ve already got an enviable global presence, we’ve got the stationery marketing solution for you…

Contact us today for your business calendar and custom diary business needs – and make sure that it’s your company that benefits from a whole year of subliminal marketing power and the incredible value for money it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We certainly do – and not just diaries. We can print anything date related – be it a desk calendar, fridge magnet, wall calendar, posters and more. We’re the go-to provider for business calendar printing in Perth and across Australia.

Absolutely! Our graphic design team is one of the best in the business and will work with you to produce the perfect diary or business calendar for printing. Perth-based or wherever in Australia you might be, we can converse face-to-face or via video link to understand exactly what it is you require – and then our talented artists will get their creative juices flowing. Your customised calendar and/or diaries will be ready before you know it…

It’s highly recommended that you do. A well-designed and optimally placed stationery item (such as a diary or calendar on a client’s desk) provides you with a whole year’s worth of subliminal messaging that continually showcases your company logo. When that person needs the services or products your business provides – then guess who they’re going to think of first? That’s right – you!

When it comes to your marketing budget, promotional gifts that clients and potential clients actually use are key to getting the best bang for your buck. If you time your promotion right, your company diary/calendar could be in continual use for a whole year – and there aren’t many marketing tools that can make such a claim.

Absolutely! While lots of our customers are in Western Australia, many are based in other states across the country. When it comes to custom diaries and business calendars, we serve Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin and anywhere in between…