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Look no further than our office signage solutions.

Office Signage

If you have recently moved, or just need to give your office-space a refresh, look no further than our office signage solutions. We can help you update your office signs from the inside out. From your exterior building signage, through to your reception area and office walls, we can help brighten up any working space. If you have large wall space, we can create stand-out feature walls to liven any office space. If your space is limited, a simple poster is an easy way to brighten up your working area. Our office signage services include:

FAQs – Office Signage

While most people think the reason for office signage is to provide information and directions for those in the building, there are also some other potent reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of quality office signage.

One is that it provides a strong brand identity – something that should be mirrored throughout all of your display and informative suite of promotional materials. Even SMEs (or perhaps we should say, especially for them – and start-ups too) should take full advantage of every avenue when it comes to cementing their brand and increasing the identity and recognition of their company.

Office signage comes in many different guises. One of the most obvious is way finder signage – an essential element of any office décor. Other examples include:

  • Reception signs.
  • Building signs (interior and exterior).
  • Wall graphics.
  • Decals.
  • Banners.
  • Door signs.
  • Poster printing.
  • Bilingual signs.
  • Legal requirements (emergency exits, fire drills, health & safety etc).

Signs within an office have multiple uses. Aesthetics is very important – after all, most offices are fairly bland buildings decorated in neutral, light shades. Office signage breaks up the monotony and makes the environment more welcoming – both to employees and visitors.

It’s also important to have clear office signage that directs those inside. Signs pointing to the toilet, the canteen, the exits, the lifts, reception… You get the picture. And let’s not forget that every sign is also a touch point that communicates your company brand to everyone who sees it. Signs play a vital subliminal role in brand awareness – yes, even for your employees – by further cementing your company into the psyche of those who see them.

Branding isn’t 100% essential, but why would you go to the effort to have office signage made without including your brand image/tagline/logo on it?

You can bet that the world’s largest corporations have their brand firmly displayed on all their office signage – and the same should hold true for SMEs.

No – we serve the whole of Australia. Our WA location and great partnerships with reliable shippers mean we service our Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cairns, Darwin and Adelaide customers (or wherever in the country you might be) in the same efficient manner as those in our home neighbourhood.

Plus, our design team works with you as if you were in the same room, thanks to the ease of online video comms. No matter where your business might be located, think Crystal Printing for all your office signage needs.

There certainly is – and we can help you navigate the maze. Fire escape signs, exit signs and other safety information are regulated under Health and Safety AS1319-1994. While the exact size and construction materials of such signage aren’t specified, the signs must be fit for purpose.

The Crystal Printing design team can work with you to ensure that all your emergency office signage is up to par and complies with the requirements of this legislation.