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Our carbon footprint is Net-Zero

We're proud to have come such a long way since sharpening our focus in 2013
Sustainability is one of our greatest achievements and minimising our impact on the environment is an ongoing commitment that is deeply rooted in our business strategy.
Our commitment to sustainability sees us making intentional decisions regarding behavioural and technology changes as well as offsetting our emissions.
The claim of having “Net-Zero Emissions” means that we have achieved net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by balancing carbon dioxide emissions through carbon offsetting and implementing progressive practices to reduce our day-to-day environmental impact.


By doing business with us, you are passively supporting a Net-Zero Emissions company that proudly holds a Carbon Neutral accreditation, issued by the Carbon Reduction Institute.

Every year the Carbon Reduction Institute conducts an audit and provides us with a detailed report in regard to our environmental impact. Our carbon emissions are offset by purchasing carbon credits that support Sustainability Projects. These projects are determined by the Australian Federal Government’s National Carbon offset standard. Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions has invested in several of these projects throughout the years.


Since then, every tonne of CO2-e produced by us over the last eight years has been neutralised. 2012 was the year that we decided to become Western Australia’s first carbon neutral printing group. We approached the Carbon Reduction Institute to start the process of neutralising all of our greenhouse gas emissions, and since then, we have successfully achieved our goal. Today, we proudly state that we truly are a environmentally-centric printer.

In 2019, we offset 5,233 tonnes of carbon emissions, and compared to the previous year we decreased our carbon footprint by 694 tonnes, and in 2021, Crystal Printing Solutions was classified as a net-zero emission print company.

Our committed clients are doing their part by purposefully or inadvertently taking steps towards a sustainable future.

Want to proudly showcase the NoCO2 logo on your print work? No problem!

Find out more about how we are striving for Net-Zero

If you’re wanting to find how much of an impact your print work has on the environment, request an audit today. We’ll happily work with you to ensure that you’re able to take advantage of our accreditations without any additional costs to your or your business.

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