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Pharmaceutical packaging is a multi-faceted area that warrants a highly specialised approach.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

In addition to branding design, the configuration must ensure the safe transportation of the goods within. Various legal aspects must be adhered to, including the display of necessary information. With impeccable expertise in this area, partnering with us results in the provision of pharmaceutical packaging of true excellence.

Crystal Print & Packaging has been providing bespoke pharmaceutical packaging design to the industry for multiple decades and is the supplier of choice for companies requiring leading industrial-level pharmaceutical packaging.

Pharmaceutical PACKAGING FAQs

This is packaging designed around your unique company and product requirements. It can be created as a once-off need or to suit a whole range of items.

Not at all – the whole spectrum of colours is available to use. Our design team works with you to ensure vibrancy and clarity, usually advising to start the process on a white, uncoated surface and build from there. That way, your pharmaceutical packaging design will promote your company message and logo, as well as represent the brand colour scheme.

No, we don’t. We’re a specialist folding carton provider that’s ideal for pharmaceutical packaging.

Folding carton packaging is paper-based, single layered card that can be created in whatever shape or size necessary to fit the desired pharmaceutical packaging design. Corrugated packaging is akin to what you’d see in a large cardboard box – a layer of fluted card between an outer and inner of linerboard card.

No, we only produce folding carton packaging that’s wholly environmentally friendly.

Folding carton packaging is made from a single layer of paper-based card. It’s an ideal medium for pharmaceutical packaging as it can be produced in any colour with your chosen logo, text and more. This makes it ideal for brand continuity and the clear display of regulatory safety and information requirements.

Yes. Crystal Printing is committed to our environmental responsibilities, so all our packaging is wholly recyclable and compostable.

As well as being recyclable, our folding carton packaging can be composted. This means it will degrade over time into its component materials. In addition, our whole production process is proud to be carbon neutral. The result of all this is that, when you use Crystal Printing for your pharmaceutical packaging design, you can rest assured knowing that the whole process meets the gold standard of net zero carbon emissions.

Digital printing begins with the creation of your desired pharmaceutical packaging design using enhanced computer software. Once this has been determined, the images, text, colour etc, are reproduced directly onto the surface of your folding carton packaging.

Yes, we are proud to be a wholly Australian-owned and run company.

Single-sided printing is when the design is reproduced on one side of the folding carton packaging. This is often used for pharmaceutical packaging. Double-sided is when both the interior and exterior sides display the required design.