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Food packaging is a complex area that demands a highly experienced approach.

Food Packaging

Crystal Print & Packaging’s bespoke service ensures that the finished product is not only aesthetically outstanding, but also complies to the multiple safety aspects that are required by law. From brands and labelling to sustainability and messaging, our design team defines every aspect before creating food packaging that meets your highest expectations.

Food packaging design is integral to brand creation and recognition. The competitive food & beverage industry demands truly representational packaging, something that’s as applicable to basic ranges right through to luxury food packaging design. Perth-based Crystal Print & Packaging offers an innovative, highly experienced service that encompasses every element, from a curated design service right through to consistent, top-quality production.


Custom packaging is when the product is designed to suit your individual business and product requirements. In the case of food packaging design, the Crystal Printing team will work with you to determine the ideal shape, size and graphics that showcase your brand in the best possible light.

Not at all – every colour and shade is available. Our designers advise working from a basic uncoated white surface as this provides the best medium on which to build. This ensures clarity and vibrancy of colours, logos, brand messages and required text.


No. Crystal Printing provides a specialist folding carton packaging service.


Quite simply, corrugated packaging is the material used for larger carboard boxes – a layer of fluted card sandwiched between two card layers. Folding carton is a single layer of paper-based card that can be designed in any style or shape, making it the ideal choice for food packaging design.


No. Crystal Printing specialises in folding carton packaging only.


Folding carton utilises a single layer of paper-based card to suit the product it holds and displays. This makes it ideal for the food and beverage industry as our talented team can create whatever economy or luxury food packaging design is needed for your products.


Yes, it certainly is. All of Crystal Printing’s folding carton packaging is wholly recyclable and compostable.


We only produce packaging that’s compostable. That means that, if it can’t be repurposed or recycled for another use, it will bio-degrade over time (in other words, you can place it on a compost heap). We’re also proud that our factory is carbon-neutral, with an annual gold standard of net-zero carbon emissions.

With an ever-more environmentally conscious public, we consider this to be essential and can be incorporated into the message of any luxury food packaging design.


Digital printing is when your required food packaging design is digitally reproduced onto the surface of your folded carton design. Special software is used to ensure the faithful reproduction, time after time after time.


From economy through to luxury food packaging design, we’re proud to be a wholly Australian-owned and run company. This means every aspect of our service is carried out in-country – yet another important aspect that aids in keeping our carbon emissions at net-zero.


As the name suggests, single-sided printing means the chosen design is applied to one side of the folding carton packaging. When it comes to the food and beverage industry, it’s often beneficial to add colour/logos/text/information to both sides of the packaging – this is known as double-sided printing.