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When you need large volumes to be printed quickly and at a high-quality

Offset Printing

Offset printing is one of the most common printing technique for commercial business, as the technology allows for large volumes to be printed quickly and at a high-quality. Offset printing is more cost-effective for longer print runs when compared to digital printing. While it is regularly used for the printing of large-scale publications such as magazines and newspapers, offset printing can also be ideal for smaller print runs – such as flyers or brochures – that need to be printed in large quantities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Offset printing, which you might also hear referred to as offset lithography, gets its name because the printing plate doesn’t ever come into contact with the finished article. In other words, it’s ‘offset’ from the media.

The required image is created on metal plate/s. From here, this is transferred to flexible rubber, either in sheet or roller form. This is what comes into contact with the product on which the image is to be printed.

The process is ideal for high-volume print runs that demand the highest accuracy, consistency and vibrancy. It can be used to print onto a wide variety of media, including paper, cloth, wood or canvas.

Once the metal printing plates have been made, the offset process can churn out high-volume, high-quality duplicates that represent excellent value for money.

Offset printing uses a different method of duplicating images. Whereas the digital process is excellent when speed is of the essence, offset printing is always the answer when:

  • You need larger or alternative print sizes.
  • You need a higher-quality image.
  • You require highly vibrant colours and shades.

The print run is high. This is because offset printing offers a far lower cost-per-page than other options.

The offset printing process is the ideal option for applications that must combine consistent high-quality with economy.

Examples include:

  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Brochures
  • Books
  • Stationary
  • Catalogues
  • Packaging
  • Promo material, such as flyers
  • Business cards

CMYK is the acronym for ‘cyan, magenta, yellow and black’. In short, it’s a fancy name for what is usually a digital printing process. CMYK printing has a more restricted colour range than offset printing, which can use what’s known as ‘Pantone’ colours (rather than toner). This results in a finished printed product that can be more accurate and truer than what CMYK printing can produce.

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