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Vehicle signage gives you a truly portable way to promote your business.

Vehicle Signage

If your business uses vehicles to get around or make deliveries, then vehicle signage is a must. It’s easy to turn your vehicles into mobile billboards with our range of vehicle signage solutions. We can help turn your generic-looking vehicle into a eye-catching advertisement. Vehicle decals can help raise your profile in new area and ensure your website and essential contact details are noted.

Our vehicle signage services include:

FAQs – Vehicle Signage

Quite simply, vehicle signage is the application of adverts and/or branding to a vehicle. It’s commonly seen on company vehicles – such as work vans – to advertise the services and/or goods offered.

There are many types of vehicle signage. They range from bespoke paintwork to car wraps, magnetic signs and decals. The latter two are some of the easiest ways to add tailored information to a vehicle – and can be designed in an infinite variety of messages, designs, colours and patterns.

One of the additional benefits of magnetic signs is that they can be displayed and removed as required. For someone who uses their private vehicle for occasional business use, this is the perfect solution – and you’ll be amazed at how affordable magnetic vehicle signs are.

Adding advertising and brand awareness to a vehicle makes for a mobile billboard that spreads your company message far and wide. In addition, it’s an extremely cost-effective form of advertising that continues working over days, months, weeks and years – all from a single monetary outlay.

It’s also a very non-aggressive form of advertising – the perfect antithesis to the informational torrent that we’re constantly subjected to in day-to-day life. It’s a great way to communicate your brand and company message without the negative connotations that go hand-in-hand with more intrusive adverts, such as unasked-for social media ads or spam emails…

While the actual design can be as random as you choose, all vehicle signage should contain the following basic info:

  • Your company name.
  • Contact details.
  • Basic information about what you do (unless the name itself makes it obvious – for example, Peggy’s Dog Walking Service).
  • Your company logo (and perhaps a tag line - if you have one).

Yes, we can, and it’s something we love doing. Our highly skilled team works with companies of all sizes to determine the ultimate design that speaks to your target audience and imparts the right message that defines your business.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, simply want an existing design tweaked or are going the full monty with a company rebrand, we’re ideally placed to help.

Yes, you can, but there are laws that specify which windows are allowed to carry such information. In short, the windscreen and two front windows can’t generally have anything on them that might obscure the driver’s view.

No, we can supply you wherever you live. Our nationwide distribution network means that vehicle signage ordered from us will swiftly wend its way to you without delay. If you also have design requirements, our team will work with you as easily as if you were in the same room, thanks to our excellent video conferencing capabilities.