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The 5 Rules of Food Packaging Design

They say that first impressions count – and never is this truer than when it comes to food packaging design. No matter what food you sell and no matter what your niche, it’s a crowded market. Those vital seconds when a potential customer gazes on your wares is the one and only chance you have to grab their attention.

Enter the essential 5 rules of packaging design…

Rule 1: Know your audience

The demographic of who you wish to sell to should create the basis from which your design will stem. Are you targeting a young, hip crowd? Perhaps parents, vegans, brand-conscious, gluten-free or those looking for the best value for money? It’s not so much about what you’re selling, but more about understanding what drives your audience to engage with your product.

Researching what works in packaging design and what doesn’t is vital knowledge that will drive the end result. What colours hit the spot, what fonts, key messages…?  A failure to do adequate research is a costly mistake to make.

Rule 2: Tell your brand story

Everyone loves a great story. This is a well-known marketing ploy that creates customer connection, builds trust and brings authenticity to your products. Determining how you want to narrate your unique brand tale is something you should nail before you even begin the design process. Follow this link to see some examples of our branded boxes and tubes.

Rule 3: Know your competition

The food & beverage market is a busy one, making it essential to understand your competitors – both those that are successful and those that aren’t. Knowing this provides a direct insight into what triggers your target market to make a purchase and what doesn’t.

Rule 4: It’s all about the space

One common mistake in food packaging design is to overfill it. Sure, you’ve likely got a few key messages you want to include, but this is where creative wording and art comes into play.  A picture or graphic can paint a thousand words, yet only takes up minimal precious space upon a label, box or package. Clever use of colour also comes into play. Perhaps the product itself is a vibrant shade, so could be incorporated within the design.

Rule 5: Get personal

While it’s easy to get caught up in all the data and information you glean about your potential consumers, don’t forget that at the heart of it you’re selling to real people. This is where adding personality, humour and that extra special human touch to your packaging design is what will create that all-important first impression. Something that raises a smile and makes your potential customer pause and pick up your item is the goal of effective packaging design. Get that right and you’re 75% of the way to a sale…

At Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions, the expert design team don’t simply create your packaging, they partner with you through the complete process. From drawing board to finished product, we’re with you every step of the way.

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