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The Importance of Branding Consistency in Print Materials

You’ve no doubt spent a huge amount of time and money to hone your company branding. Therefore, the last thing you want is to let it down with sub-standard printed materials.


Print quality is often the first link to your that potential customers see. It’s also what your current customers judge when they receive any physical correspondence from you. From that business card that you hand out at a networking event to the invoices and flyers you distribute, that quality brand message must shine through.

The Crucial Role of Print Materials in an Increasingly Digital World

Despite the drive towards the paperless office, printed materials are and will continue to play a huge role in brand awareness, advertising and customer reach. Therefore, paying attention to the consistency of your brand and the messages that printed materials impart is vital.


While such strategies might seem to better belong within the realm of global corporations, SMEs would be wise to pay attention as well. This crucially important level of business is what drives industry in every field, from manufacturing to engineering, tourism to retail and everything in between. Without SMEs, the future of business would be very bleak indeed.


Humans have a short attention span – and this is ever continuing to decrease, thanks to the constant bombardment of information we receive from digital sources. Printed materials have a big advantage over this because you can’t simply block them out or scroll past. Once a printed item is in your hand, on your desk, or handed to you, it takes a physical act to put it down. Human nature will ensure that, even if it’s just a cursory glance, that this creates a valuable connection with the person who receives it.


Therefore, that interaction must work as hard as possible during that fleeting moment…

Enter the importance of branding consistency across all of your printed materials. That logo you spend so much time and effort designing must be displayed on every type of printed material. The colour scheme must match – as must the typography, brand message and every element over the whole printed portfolio.


Brand awareness doesn’t come about overnight. It’s only through a sustained drip feed of consistent messaging that it will connect with customers’ subconscious. Over time, this leads to an association with the colours/logo/message that represents your company. Great examples of such branding include Tesla, with its futuristic lettering, Nike’s ‘tick’ and Apple’s simplistic and instantly recognisable logo.

The printed materials that must display consistency across your complete range include:


  • Business printing: This includes business cards, letterhead, comp slips, manuals, envelopes, company calendars, annual reports and shareholder info, stickers, labels, promotional materials and more.
  • Marketing printing: From brochures and flyers to catalogues, fridge magnets, menus, wrapping paper, direct mailers… In short, any printed material that’s designed to engage with current and potential customers and to spread brand awareness.
  • Brochure printing: These are vital showcases that represent the quality of the goods and/or services your company offers. They come in all sizes, from the classic A4, A5 and A6 to custom shapes and design.
  • Offset printing: The most cost-effective option for large print runs (even more so than digital printing), this provides repeatable, high-quality printing for magazines, flyers, business cards, packaging, catalogues, booklets etc.
  • Digital printing: The ideal medium for high-end, fast production of customised print materials. Examples for use include training materials, business cards, flyers and any personalised print needs.

Your printed business materials are so much more than simply a method of providing information. Ensuring continuity throughout plays a vital role in communicating your company commitment to detail, solidifying brand awareness and showing your customers that you ‘sweat the small stuff’. When a business cares enough to do this, it provides a super-strong subliminal message that they can also be trusted to deliver on the big ticket requirements too.


Partnering with Crystal Print for your printed material design and creation is exactly what your company needs to ensure these messages are correctly and effectively delivered. Whether you need help with the whole design and branding creation or simply want a trusted and reliable print service, we’re WA’s premier printing and packaging provider.


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