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Large Format

Large Format

Large format printing is the term for any wording that falls outside of the usual font sizes that you’d use on regular stationary items. Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions is a leading provider of large format printing in Perth, serving both local businesses and those based anywhere in Australia.

Some examples of large format printing include:

The Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions design team can provide large format printing for Perth and nationwide businesses to suit virtually every location and occasion. Our technical knowledge and expertise mean we can find the right solution for pretty much every need. Our advanced technology and environmentally friendly printing apparatus allow us to print directly from a roll or onto any flat, rigid surface.

This, combined with our excellent proven track record of large format printing in Perth and across the nation, makes us the ideal partner for all your banner printing and other signage needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We certainly do – and we’ve got a long and proven track record of doing so. We can provide large format printing for pretty much any situation, including posters, POS materials, light boxes, retail displays, vinyl signs, office signage, banner printing etc. Perth or anywhere in the country, we’re the go-to provider for high-quality, value-for-money large format print requirements.

Yes, we can – our in-house design team has a huge amount of experience in doing just this. Whether you’re looking for banner printing for a Perth event, a sales banner to display your incredible deals or a banner to celebrate an important anniversary or event (or anything in between), our creative designers are some of the best in the business.

These are used to print anything large – such as wallpaper, graphics for trade shows, banners, theatrical backdrops, artwork, signage, office signs, etc. Crystal Printing is a leading provider of large format printing in Perth and to companies across WA (and, indeed, the whole country).

We can – and Crystal Printing is your ideal partner for high-quality delivery. We can print your design onto virtually any material and, if needed, our design team can format the perfect layout to include your company log, tagline and message.

In a word, anything (pretty much). Vinyl banners are popular – but we can print onto any flat, rigid surface or a material that comes in a roll. Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for use outside, thanks to its weatherproof properties. Contact the Crystal Printing team today to discuss your requirements and allow us to come up with the optimal solution.