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5 Tips to Create Successful Boxed Packaging for Beauty Brands

Companies pour extensive efforts into the creation of beauty and personal care products. How to protect and present them also deserves equal effort. When you consider that packaging is the first thing that a customer sees and holds both before and after purchase, it becomes obvious that it isn’t simply a vehicle in which the product is held and transported.

The following discusses the 5 essential elements to consider when designing the best boxed packaging for beauty brands.

What type of packaging is needed?

Beauty products come in all guises – liquid, solid, gels, creams and more. The packaging needs to ensure the integrity of the product, it’s safe during transit and that it’s aesthetically pleasing to the consumer. Some beauty products need to be housed in a glass or plastic alternative. However, many brands embrace the use of cardboard, either as primary or secondary packaging. The reasons for this are multiple: it’s robust, cost-effective, easily branded, recyclable, eco-friendly and durable. See some examples of our boxes and tubes.

What do you want your packaging to say?

The beauty industry is all about being pleasing to the eye. So it makes sense that the packaging of such a product should mirror this. From the shape to the colour, artwork, logos and wording, these crucial design areas play a major part in customer attraction.

Do you want to upscale the unpacking process?

Unwrapping a product shouldn’t be a chore. We’ve all fought over items enclosed in near impenetrable packaging – and it certainly doesn’t enhance the customer experience. The field of beauty products is all about pampering yourself. Even at the budget end of the market, the unwrapping process should add to the pleasure, not hinder it. Nothing beats the almost imperceptible hiss of air as you slide a lid from a cardboard box or fold back a simplistic card packaging design to reveal the treasure within. You only need to look at the understated luxury of Apple and their hugely successful (and often imitated) packaging to realise how important presentation is.

What about a message to consumers?

Packaging is the first interaction between your customer and the product they purchase. This elevates the humble cardboard box into a powerful advertising medium. It’s the one and only chance to communicate an initial message about your brand before the purchaser delves into the product itself. Do you want to promote your company’s commitment to sustainability? Perhaps you want to transmit the sense of luxury or the message of skin protection against the elements. Whatever your brand ethos, the packaging of a product plays a major role in audience communication.

Consider logistics:

Your product will, undoubtedly, need to be transported. Not only must the packaging protect the contents, but it should also easily stack to take up as little room as possible. Space in a transport container costs money, so take care that your chosen packaging is as economical in size as it is practical. You should also consider whether external or tertiary packaging (ie: holds multiple pieces of packaged products or might be used as part of a shelf display) needs to continue the branding theme. If it’s solely used for transportation purposes and not seen by consumers then this might not be necessary. However, if it’s going on public display then the brand message should be continued here as well.

The Packaging of beauty products should never be an afterthought. Taking advantage of this unique customer communication portal plays a pivotal part in successful marketing. Packaging design can make or break a product or brand – many a great item has been let down by poor or inconsistent packaging.

Working with a professional design company ensures that product packaging for beauty brands is not only fit for purpose, but also communicates the required message to consumers. Perth-based Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions is a leading provider of folding cardboard packaging with a talented in-house design team. This makes for a partnership that guarantees a seamless transition from the drawing board to the production of the physical packaging items.

Whether you need packaging designed from scratch, are looking for a complete re-brand or a reliable supplier to ensure quality-assured delivery of already designed packaging, Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions delivers each and every time.

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