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Retail Essentials: The Role of Packaging & How it Increases Sales

The packaging of retail products plays a multi-faceted role. From protection to customer engagement, paying attention to this vital aspect is something that directly impacts your bottom line.

The following discusses the whys and wherefores surrounding the importance of the right packaging choices.

Why Does Product Packaging Matter?

As well as the purely practical role of protecting goods, the packaging is also a crucial marketing tool. In most cases, the consumer doesn’t set eyes on your product until they open the packaging. This means that this outer element must do all the work – not only to ensure the product arrives in good order but at marketing the item as well.

With this in mind, let’s look at the individual elements of retail packaging to consider.

  1. Protection: Packaging must, first and foremost, cocoon the contents so they arrive to the customer in perfect condition. However, this should be cost-constrained, meaning no unnecessary elements, that it’s sturdy enough for purpose and stacks together easily for transportation.
  2. Identification: Customers should be able to easily see your product. Most shop display shelves are crowded, so using instantly recognisable colours, logos, text and messages is one way to stand out. Even when selling online this is vital, as buyers can easily overlook non-descript product packaging when endlessly scrolling through multiple items.
  3. Brand awareness: This impacts both those who’re already aware of your products and those who’re only just becoming familiar with the brand. Clever design should grab attention, impart key messages and exude the personality of your company.
  4. Ease of use: Packaging should be easy to open. Nothing is more annoying than struggling to unwrap a product, so consider this with care. This also extends to size and uniformity, both of which will have a direct impact on shipping costs.

How the Correct Packaging Design Can Increase Sales

According to research carried out by Ipsos, 7 out of 10 people say that product packaging influences their buying choices. How an item is presented offers that crucial first impression and is what will make a person reach out and take it off the shelf.

Once this vital step is achieved, the next is that the information the packaging offers is enough to make the consumer decide to purchase. With the massive amount of choice available, this demands innovative ways to impart key messages. Pictures, colour, infographics and font all need to ‘pop’ – delivering vital purchasing information in just a few seconds.

We should also consider the unboxing process. With luxury items, in particular, beautiful boxes and unwrapping are all part of the purchasing experience. You only need to look at the ever-growing number of social media videos sharing the unveiling of a new product which shows just how much people value this element of buying. These shares, likes, comments and follows are also an important part of organic growth, as they promote brand awareness and generate sales.

How to Choose the Right Packaging for Your Products

  • With all the above in mind, what are the most important elements when choosing the right packaging and design for your retail products?

    • Know your audience: Market research is key to knowing what hits the right spot with your customers. Determine your target market, know what they expect, understand what drives them… The more legwork you put into this, the easier it is to get the packaging right.
    • Get the practicalities right: Your packaging should make sense for your product, be easy to produce, provide value for money, protect the product and only contain the elements required.
    • Compliance with any packaging regulations: Depending on your field, there may be various rules and compliance issues that your chosen packaging must conform to.
    • Brand personality: The design should fit perfectly with your brand personality. Are your products traditional, modern, quirky, humorous…? Whatever they are, this can be communicated in many ways, including the shape, colours, text, font, etc.
    • Your budget: This will, of course, play an important part in brand design. It will also be somewhat driven by your target market. Luxury items demand similar packaging, whereas the ‘pile them high, buy them cheap’ niche can go for something a little more economical.

    Partnering with a good packaging design company is essential to ensure you get the design right the first time. Many an expensive mistake has been made by failing to take professional advice. Folding carton packaging experts, Crystal Print & Packaging Solutions, is a leading WA company that works with you throughout the entire process. From design to production, the innovative team not only helps bring your packaging to life but can offer inspirational ideas and creativity throughout the journey.

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